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Official $CREDI Stake and Burn Announcement

2023-08-24   |   by Emily   |   600

We've mentioned a couple of days ago that a Double $CREDI Burn Campaign is coming. 🔥

Well, this is stage 1!

As an appreciation to your constant support, the team decided to return the favor back. ❤️

Here how it's going to happen:

In light of the upcoming opening of ModuleX, we are going to burn a total of 20 million $CREDI in order to mint 2 million $xCREDI. 🚀

These are going to be utilized as staking rewards for everyone who participates in our LP stake program, coming next week. 

Once again, remember that $xCREDI can only be obtained by staking your $CREDI in our ModuleX where it is burned and xCREDI is minted at a 10:1 ratio. 👆🏻

Hence this is a one time opportunity to obtain xCREDI without having to burn your own $CREDI! 🤑

Disclaimer: The idea was proposed by a loyal community member оf ours.  
This is also a reminder that we are open to any suggestions the community might have moving forward. 🤝

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